Shipping & payment questions

How much is shipping to *insert country*?

How long will it take until my item is ready?

Can I pay in installments / do you do split payments?

Item details like size, color etc

Colors / finish

What size is *insert item*?

How to leave a review & where you can see more customer photos

How can I leave a review for the piece I got from you?

Where can I see photos of people wearing your work?

Care tips & "how to's"

Got any tips for putting on cowls, gauntlets, facemasks...?

Tips for care of an unpainted urethane rubber piece

Current projects & custom commissions

I really like "insert name of cowl" but it's way too big to pad it out for my small head / too small for my head . Could you make a bigger/smaller version of the same cowl?

Do you take on custom commissions (new pieces that we haven't created yet)?

How can I find out what’s new/ what you’re working on at the moment / if a new project I’ve seen you post about has been finished?

I've seen you're working on *insert new piece name*, how can I get one of these / when will it be finished?

Do you make capes, body suits etc?


Do you guys do tutorials on how to make things?