Finished sculpture of our Batgirl cowl

Finished sculpt of our Batgirl cowl. 🦇 - Inspired by a beautiful statue from Sideshow (we made some design changes, so it’s more to our personal taste.)
Have the print for this already! Should be done before Christmas.🙂 - The back will be split so a zipper or velcro can be put in to make it easy to put on. And the “hole” in the back…is to pull your hair through, of course :)

We actually hadn’t planned on showing this until we’d finished the Arkham Knight Bat neck and shoulder pieces but we both got for sick for a couple of weeks after seeing JL at the movies (twice, cuz it’s awesome), which delayed things. Just what we needed when there’s so much to do 😐
So we wanted to let you guys know what’s still coming this year. Have another new thing to show you…Keep an eye out 😉

Sculpted in Zbrush, rendered in Keyshot Pro.