Our terms

If you're wondering why there's so much info in each listing and the shop policies...let's just say it's the result of experiences we've had and questions we have received over the last few years :-)  
Better safe than sorry and all that...

Returns and exchanges
No cancellations, returns or refunds as all items are handmade to order for you. 

Please only order if you really want the piece.
We won't waste your time, please don't waste ours :) 

If looked after, our pieces will last a long time. Damage done after delivery is not our problem and there are no returns/refunds or replacements for this. Treat your pieces with respect & take care of them and you'll be able to enjoy them for many years.

All items are hand made and as such, may contain minor surface flaws/imperfections. We only send out our best castings but materials such as urethane rubbers and resins can have minor flaws. No piece that is sent out will have a flaw that takes away from it. 
We only ever send out items that we'd be happy to receive ourselves.
Please DON'T buy if you're not ok with this. Thanks.

☆☆☆☆☆☆ Same as any other business, we have the right to refuse service for any reason. We live by a simple rule, be nice to us and we'll be nice to you :) ☆☆☆☆☆☆

Shipping & general terms
☆☆☆ ALL times given are ESTIMATES only! ☆☆☆
Keep in mind that we're not machines or a factory. We're just 2 artists creating and making all these pieces for you guys. :) 

• All of our items are handmade to order. You can see the current estimated time it takes us to make each item in its listing. Estimated means that it's not an exact or guaranteed time frame. Just an estimate. (If you purchase multiple items together, the longest of all estimated times will apply to your order.) If there are any delays (we consider a delay when we can't make a piece more than 7 business days after the day we planned to make it by) you will be notified.
Your order will be dispatched with our next post office run or courier pickup AFTER the quoted time (check the listing to see if your piece will be sent via airmail (post office) or courier (services like UPS, Parcelforce, DPD, DHL etc). We usually go to the post office ONCE a week. Courier pickups are usually ONCE a week).

Transit time goes on top of that and we obviously have no control over it. 
Just as an example: Courier delivery of a cowl to the USA usually takes between 1 and 5 business days (can be longer depending on where you live in the country). It's never guaranteed by the carriers due to customs and other factors, though. 
Delivery times also vary by country as different couriers are used. 
Please don't buy if you're not ok with this. Thanks :)

• "Working/business days" are Monday - Friday. Public holidays that fall on these days are NOT business days and need to be added on to the quoted time.

• We take time off work every now and again (cuz we're human... :-) ).
When we're not working (or are sick or anything else happened that would require a change of quoted times) there will be an announcement (a red banner) at the top of our shop with the estimated time that the times quoted in each listing have to be extended by if placed during this period. Orders that are "due" to be made/shipped during this time, will be made once we're working again. 

>>>> Please always plan ahead and order well in time for your event! Thanks :) <<<< 

• There's no need to message to ask us for updates (there aren't any until we've made and shipped your piece(s)), so we can concentrate our time on making things :) TSFX is just the 2 of us, we don't have a secretary or anything and we appreciate your cooperation so we can work as effectively as possible. Thankies. :-)

• Pieces that are sent via courier are always fully trackable (couriers are companies like UPS, DPD, Parcelforce etc.) and require your phone number and can't be sent without. Pieces that are sent via normal airmail will require a signature.

If you would like combined shipping, buy everything you'd like in the same transaction. Shipping rates are set up so things get auto-combined.

*****P.O. BOXES or APO / FPO addresses are not accepted as couriers don't deliver to them and everything we ship also requires a signature. Please make your purchase with a residential address. Thankies :) *****
We will only ship to the address in your order. 
Please make sure your address is up to date before ordering! It's not up to us check if it's ok/anything missing or your current address.

>>>>>> Mail forwarding service addresses (that allow you to buy from companies that don't ship to your country) aren't accepted either. If we discover that the address you're using is from one of these services, your order will be cancelled and refunded. <<<<<<<

Don't try to get around us not shipping to Puerto Rico by putting "PR" as US state. Your order will be cancelled. It's not a US state...

• If you refuse a package or aren't home to accept the delivery or don't pick it up from the depot, shop or the post office (depending on which service your piece was sent with) and it results in the return and/or abandonment of your package, you will be responsible for all VAT Fees, Import fees, Return shipping costs and Abandonment fees. And as previously mentioned, there are no refunds/returns as everything is handmade to order.

***Please note, some remote areas around the world (and for example Northern Ireland) carry an additional charge by the couriers. Should this be the case, 
we will inform you of the extra cost and this MUST be met by the BUYER as we don’t control these charges.***

• It's unlikely but if we make a mistake with shipping or item costs in a listing, we reserve the right to cancel your order and correct the mistake so you can then re-order at the correct rate. 

• In the extremely rare case of something being wrong with your piece when you receive it (happened a couple of times when customs opened a package (they usually don't) and just stuffed the piece back in the box instead of packing it properly, like we did originally), you need to let us know ON THE DAY you receive the package (we'll need pics and you need to hold on to the box and all packaging materials and be prepared to talk to the courier service when/if requested). 

•  International orders will ALWAYS have the full price on the customs forms and be marked as "sale" or "purchase" as it's against the law to do it any other way. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: International buyers are responsible for all customs charges, taxes, fees & procedures that may apply! Some countries (like the US for example) have a really high threshold for imports ($800 at the time of writing this (late 2017). But always do your own research in case this changes. ***********************************************************************************************


Tiger Stone FX is in NO way affiliated with or licensed by DC Comics, Marvel or any other company. All of our work is a fan representation and in no way intended to infringe upon any copyright. It is made as a tribute to our heroes :)


Your personal details will only be used for *everything* that has to do with your order, from contacting you about the order, to giving your details to the delivery company etc.