Batgirl cowl (with long ears)

Batgirl cowl (with long ears)

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All the info we could think of is there. If there’s anything you’d like to know that’s not covered, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer your question. :-) <<<<<<  

Up for sale is a very cool fan made Batgirl cowl with long ears.

• Cast in black urethane rubber

• Should fit up to a 23" head. (We obviously can't make any guarantees for fitting as everyone's head & face shape is different and this cowl is very sleek by design as you can see). If you have a much smaller head, you may require a little padding. 
^^^we do not do custom sizing^^^

The gorgeous cosplayer on the photo who's wearing one of our Batgirl cowls (it was the same as this cowl, just a version with an attached neck and a couple of other minor differences. We retired that one since), chest emblem, belt and glove fins is WhoaNerdAlert. Amazing photos by Kryptic Frames <3 

• Please check the photos and ask any questions BEFORE buying.

• You’re only buying the cowl. Anything else you may see is NOT included.

***If looked after, this will last a long time. Damage done after delivery is not our problem. This is a handmade item and therefore may contain minor casting imperfections that detract nothing from this great piece***

• Please make sure to enter your correct phone number during checkout, so we can give it to the courier in case they need to contact you about the delivery. 

—— No returns or refunds as all items are handmade to order for you. ——

☆☆☆ All of our pieces are handmade to order by the two of us and this piece will require a 20 working day lead time (4 weeks). It will be dispatched with our next courier pickup or PO trip (depending on what you select when checking out) after that (we usually have courier pickups/ PO trips once a week).

Keep in mind that we're not machines or a factory. We're just 2 artists creating and making all these pieces for you guys. :)

All quoted times are estimates only, *not* guaranteed / on the exact day. And during very busy times (con season, Halloween etc) things can take longer. Please read our Terms for more info/details. Transit time goes on top of that and we obviously have no control over it.  Please don't buy if you're not ok with this. Thanks :-) ☆☆☆

Various colors are available (see color chart and the video here, more can be done (just ask if there's one you can't see. We have lots of powders and pigments that we collected over time :-) - Message BEFORE buying if there’s one you’d like but it’s not a color option in this listing. Lighter (non black) colors may show micro bubbles under the surface and streaks that can occur during the casting and/or curing process more than a black piece would. Colours may look different in real life, especially the metallic colors (they catch light very well on photos) as screen settings etc vary. "Normal" colors are cast into the rubber. Metallics are painted with paint that was created to paint urethane rubber (it is used by the movie industry as well) and there's an extra charge for the paint job. Message us before buying, so we can let you know the cost and add it to the listing (if it's not an option in the listing already).

NOTE: In case that delivery services (unlikely to happen but you never know) should be shut down by the government due to Covid19, your order will be dispatched once everything's "open" again.

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Marc D.
United States United States

Return customer

I have made several purchases from Tanja and Nat. True artist and first rate customer service.

Marc D. verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeks

Bat Girl & Red Hood Gear - (Batgirl cowl with neck)

I ordered the Batgirl Cowl, and BvS Batgirl Emblem, Red Hood Hush style Domino mask, Neck piece, and BvS style Red Hood Emblem and let me tell you I could not be more pleased. The products arrived exactly as they were specified and took the length of time listed listed. They were packaged securely. These are pieces I am using for 2019 Con in Denver, Co and cannot wait to share the full cosplay. If you need gear they are the ones. Worth the wait and the price

Michael verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeksMichael verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeksMichael verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeks
Manchester, UK

The definitive Batgirl cowl. - (Batgirl cowl with neck)

I’ve bought three Batgirl cowls so far, the last one from Tigerstone, and it blows the other two out of the water in terms of quality! A common issue with cowls is them pressing on your nose, leaving a red mark and raw skin, this cowl doesn’t suffer from that flaw at all, Tigerstone clearly know what they’re doing. The design itself is well thought out, the hole in the back of the neck making it easy to manage hair or a wig; it’s a small detail, but really makes this cowl stand out. When I went out in it I was stopped every five feet by people wanting a photo, and more than one commented on how good the cowl was. I even keep it on display at home because it’s too nice to keep in a cupboard. When I got this cowl I had a few ideas for costumes, and its shape means it complements a wide range of styles, making it perfect for anything from a vanilla batgirl to bat-harley. One thing I did notice, which always seems to be an issue with cowls, is that it was relatively easy to hear people in this one, unlike some others I’ve had in the past. The quality is great, be sure to read the instructions properly to keep it perfect. Turnaround time was excellent, especially considering the quality of the item. I can happily recommend this to anyone, safe in the knowledge they’ll get a great product and fantastic customer experience.

Lucy verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeksLucy verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeks
novin s.
United States

Batgirl cowl - (Batgirl cowl with neck)

Great quality! Fantastic look!

Los Angeles, CA

Epic - (Batgirl cowl with neck)

This product exceeded my expectations completely. The design itself is amazing from the long bat ears which I love to the hair/wig opening on the cowl which is very convenient and highly appreciated. Compared to other cowls I have used I feel no pressure on my nose or forehead it is simply hassle free to wear. The quality of work and design that this team provides surpasses many. This isn’t simply another Batgirl cowl this is Theeeee Batgirl cowl.

Gina verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeksGina verified customer review of Batgirl cowl - Made & shipped within 2 weeks