Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)

Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)

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All the info we could think of is there. If there’s anything you’d like to know that’s not covered, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer your question. :-) <<<<<< 

Up for sale is a very cool fan made
Batman Arkham Knight cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece.

 You will receive 1 x head piece, 1 x neck piece and 1 x shoulder piece (you can see pics of each separate piece in the listing photos (last pic).
Click here to check out a video of the cowl :)

 Each piece is cast separately from it's own mold. We sculpted all 3 pieces separately and to sit perfectly together. The neck can be tucked under the cowl due to this, for an almost seamless look between neck piece and cowl (unless you have a neck that's longer than average of course, in which case you can just wear a black motorcycle hood to bridge the small gap).

• This is a bundle deal of all 3 pieces at a bundle price. You can find cowl and shoulder piece on their own in the shop if you don't want the full set. 

• Cast in black urethane rubber

• The head piece should fit a 24" head.  If you have a smaller head, you may require padding (Most people use some foam in the top and/or back of their cowl).

Nat (who's wearing it on the pics) is 23" and he's padded it out in the top (he also has very long curly hair which takes up some space in the cowl haha).
^^^we do not do custom sizing^^^

Ideally you put the neck piece on, then your cape, then the shoulder piece, then the cowl. (as seen in the photo from the back where Nat's wearing a cape)
That's how it's meant to be worn anyway but you can of course do what you want with it :)

• How to put on a Batman cowl

• Please check the photos and ask any questions BEFORE buying.

• You’re only buying the 3 piece cowl as pictured. Anything else you may see is NOT included.

***If looked after, this will last a long time. Damage done after delivery is not our problem. This is a handmade item and therefore may contain minor casting imperfections that detract nothing from this great piece***

• Please make sure to enter your correct phone number during checkout, so we can give it to the courier in case they need to contact you about the delivery. 

—— No returns or refunds as all items are handmade to order for you. ——

☆☆☆ All of our pieces are handmade to order by the two of us and this piece will require a 20 working day lead time (4 weeks). It will be dispatched with our next courier pickup or PO trip (depending on what you select when checking out) after that (we usually have courier pickups/ PO trips once a week).

Keep in mind that we're not machines or a factory. We're just 2 artists creating and making all these pieces for you guys. :)

All quoted times are estimates only, *not* guaranteed / on the exact day. And during very busy times (con season, Halloween etc) things can take longer. Please read our Terms for more info/details. Transit time goes on top of that and we obviously have no control over it.  Please don't buy if you're not ok with this. Thanks :-) ☆☆☆

Various colors are available (see color chart and the video here, more can be done (just ask if there's one you can't see. We have lots of powders and pigments that we collected over time :-) - Message BEFORE buying if there’s one you’d like but it’s not a color option in this listing. Lighter (non black) colors may show micro bubbles under the surface and streaks that can occur during the casting and/or curing process more than a black piece would. Colours may look different in real life, especially the metallic colors (they catch light very well on photos) as screen settings etc vary. "Normal" colors are cast into the rubber. Metallics are painted with paint that was created to paint urethane rubber (it is used by the movie industry as well) and there's an extra charge for the paint job. Message us before buying, so we can let you know the cost and add it to the listing (if it's not an option in the listing already).

NOTE: In case that delivery services (unlikely to happen but you never know) should be shut down by the government due to Covid19, your order will be dispatched once everything's "open" again.

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Gary M.
United States United States
Great Pieces

You guys are great!!!! The cowl (I asked for a Noel head piece instead of the AK), necklace and shoulder piece were awesome. And You delivered in an awesome timely manner.

Gary Mlynarski verified customer review of Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)
Canada Canada
Arkham Knight Meets Hush

Now I've been shopping at Tigerstone for a few years now and every time I get more than my monies worth both in quality of product and customer service. They are the ultimate go to spot for the Bat fam fan in you, whether it's Batman, Robin, Batgirl or even Green Lantern face masks. I can't speak highly enough about the attention to detail. As you can tell, the cowl isn't in the conventional Black as it is in the game. I was working on a Arkham Batman/Hush mash up cosplay that demanded a touch of blue. I was told they never had anyone ask for blue so they made mine specially for me, which is one of the things I love about Tigerstone FX. If you have an idea, they will work with you to make your dream come true. I wanted to show some shots of my suit's maiden flight using my new magnificent cowl. It easily stood up to the trials of conventions! One of my favourite features of this thing is it's versatility due to being a 3-piece cowl which grants me the ability to turn my head and look around. No "Bat turns!" So there you have it! The comfort and beauty of this thing is unparalleled and you truly need to see it in person to appreciate all the subtle details and textures. So if you're in the market for cowls, face masks, chest emblems or have your own ideas, hit up Tigerstone FX and you won't regret it. Thanks for reading and you can find me on Instagram @HalifaxBats if you have any questions about all the goodies I've purchased from Tigerstone FX over the years :)

HalifaxBats verified customer review of Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)HalifaxBats verified customer review of Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)HalifaxBats verified customer review of Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)
Jamie W.
Arkham Knight!!!!

I am amazed at the detail in this cowl combo. It is the sexiest Batman cowl I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for the rest of my suit to be finished now so I can wear this everywhere. Thanks guys for this beautiful work of art

Jamie White verified customer review of Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)
Brady F.

I love my other Tiger Stone FX cowls, but there's something magical about owning this one after years of playing the Arkham Series games. The three pieces make the cowl look Hollywood ready, and makes this cowl the most comfortable I own. Whereas my other cowls from Tiger Stone FX have a pristine cut to their designs, this one has the added benefit of even more intricate details. Rivets, the look of metal structural pieces, and those tall ears from Arkham Knight add an unmistakable silhouette. My biggest challenge is to find or make a costume that does this cowl justice!

Brady Frey verified customer review of Batman Arkham Knight inspired cowl, neck piece and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)
David B.
Amazing 3 piece Arkham Knight set!

The quality of these 3 pieces is superb. The detailing is incredible, and they all look amazing together. I am at the upper end of head size, so I found it to be a tight fit at first (particularly taking on and off the neck piece), but I found that by using some water to lubricate the inside and a few times on and off that it is now a bit easier to put on. I also happen to have a slightly longer neck (yes, I am tall!), so I am using a neck gaiter to make everything look completely seamless. Overall, I am super happy with my purchase! Not only will this be great for the various conventions I go to, but it displays nicely as a museum piece too! The shipping was also on time as promised and super fast once sent out!