Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)

Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set)

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All the info we could think of is there. If there’s anything you’d like to know that’s not covered, please send us a message and we’ll be happy to answer your question. :-)

Up for sale is a very cool fan made
Batman Noël cowl, neck and shoulder piece (inspired by the amazing Prime 1 Batman Arkham Origins Noël statue.)  Also works great for a Batman Damned cosplay :)

• You will receive 1 x head piece, 1 x neck piece and 1 x shoulder piece (you can see pics of each separate piece in the listing photos (pics 3,4 and 5).
Click here to check out a video of the cowl :)

•  Each piece is cast separately from it's own mold. We sculpted all 3 pieces separately and to sit perfectly together. The neck can be tucked under the cowl due to this, for an almost seamless look between neck piece and cowl (unless you have a neck that's longer than average of course, in which case you can just wear a black motorcycle hood to bridge the small gap).

• This is a bundle deal of all 3 pieces at a bundle price. You can find cowl, neck and shoulder piece on their own in the shop if you don't want the full set.

• Cast in black urethane rubber

• The head piece should fit a 24" head comfortably. Might even be 24.5” but we won’t know until someone with a head size over 24” tries. The person who custom commissioned this cowl from us has a 24" head. (We obviously can't make any guarantees for fitting as everyone's head shape is different). If you have a smaller head, you may require padding (Most people use some foam in the top and/or back of their cowl). 

The "white eyes" are NOT included. You can easily add those yourself with some white mesh if you want. :) They're not really necessary for this cowl to be honest but we thought it worked well to highlight the eyes in the photos.

• The neck piece has a “line” at the front by design (as you can see on the pics), so if you aren’t a fan of using lubrication to squeeze your head through a small opening, you can easily cut it, purchase a zipper and glue it in :) (we don't have / sell zippers).

• How to put on a Batman cowl

The awesome cosplayer on the pics is Little Rock Batman.
Make sure to give him a follow :)

• Please check the photos and ask any questions BEFORE buying.

• You’re only buying the 3 piece cowl as pictured. Anything else you may see is NOT included.

***If looked after, this will last a long time. Damage done after delivery is not our problem. This is a handmade item and therefore may contain minor casting imperfections that detract nothing from this great piece***

• Please make sure to enter your correct phone number during checkout, so we can give it to the courier in case they need to contact you about the delivery. 

—— No returns or refunds as all items are handmade to order for you. ——

☆☆☆ All of our pieces are handmade to order by the two of us and this piece will require a 20 to 30 working day lead time (4 to 6 weeks). 
This is an estimate ONLY, *not* guaranteed and can be longer or shorter, depending on the time of year and our workload and schedule.

Keep in mind that we're not machines or a factory. We're just 2 artists creating and making all these pieces for you guys. Please be patient :) 

It will be dispatched with our next courier pickup or PO trip (depending on what you select when checking out) after that (we usually have courier pickups/ PO trips once a week). 
Transit time goes on top of that and we obviously have no control over it.  Please don't buy if you're not ok with this. Thanks :-) ☆☆☆

Various colors are available (see color chart and the video here, more can be done (just ask if there's one you can't see. We have lots of powders and pigments that we collected over time :-) - Message BEFORE buying if there’s one you’d like but it’s not a color option in this listing. Lighter (non black) colors may show micro bubbles under the surface and streaks that can occur during the casting and/or curing process more than a black piece would. Colours may look different in real life, especially the metallic colors (they catch light very well on photos) as screen settings etc vary. "Normal" colors are cast into the rubber. Metallics are painted with paint that was created to paint urethane rubber (it is used by the movie industry as well) and there's an extra charge for the paint job. Message us before buying, so we can let you know the cost and add it to the listing (if it's not an option in the listing already).

>>> Covid19 related info: We've minimized our contact to the outside world as we intend to stay healthy.
At the moment we have a courier (UPS) package collection once every 1-2 weeks instead of once a week. 

This whole pandemic and situation gets to the two of us, same as everyone else on the planet.
Please be patient with others and yourself as well <3
(should be a given anyway, even when there's no pandemic) Thank you :
) <<<

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Japan Japan
Astonished by the wonderful work!!

It's a really beautiful product. I felt like I was jumping out of the work of my beloved Lee Bermejo. The mask was a little big on my head, so I put a towel inside and put it on. Thank you for your wonderful work!!!!!

United States United States
Batman Perfection

Couldn’t be happier with this amazing cowl. Even better in person! Truly is a work of art. These guys are the best in the bizz.

Tiger Stone FX Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set) ReviewTiger Stone FX Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set) ReviewTiger Stone FX Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set) Review
Travis B.
United States United States
Noel cowl, neck and shoulder set

This is my second purchase, and again Tigerstone FX has blown me away with their quality of craftsmanship. It fits great and looks wonderful displayed in my office when I’m not cosplaying. Now I just got to save up and get the 1989 cowl from them :)

Tiger Stone FX Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set) Review
Jared L. - BatDaddyFromCincinatti
United States
Even better in person!

Amazing as always... TSFX were able to capture Lee Bemejos artwork perfectly... Even better in person... I've got a 22.5 inch head but I decided to risk it and buy the cowl anyways... Well worth it after I put some 1/2 inch upholstery foam along the top and back of the inside of the head... Fit like a dream... Highly recommend...

Tiger Stone FX Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set) ReviewTiger Stone FX Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set) ReviewTiger Stone FX Batman Noël inspired cowl, neck and shoulder piece (full 3 piece set) Review
Aussie C.
Just wow

I’m honestly surprised that tsfx hasn’t been asked to design props for actual Batman movies, the amount of detail put into this work is like it came straight out of the pages of a comic book. I will say my head is a little small for the cowl but nothing padding can’t solve, they don’t mess you around with their work and I would definitely recommend this for any cosplayers. Batman Noel is one of my favourites comics and they do it a great justice. This should be your first stop and only stop for any Dark Knight accessories!